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We want folk music to have a solid foundation for the future. We want to provide a center where we can bring out and care for our roots: the incredible Scanian treasure of folk music, folk dance, folklore, folk tales and handicraft. A place where everyone can partake and with hopes to create a sustainable culture.

Spelmansgården is a meeting place for practitioners of Scanian folklore. With better knowledge of their own roots Scanians may, filled with confidence, go into fruitful meeting and cultural exchange with representatives of younger and more international cultural forms.

Folkrot Festival July 2021 – dates TBA

Folkrot is a music festival wich focus on the music tradition från Skåne and Denmark! Folkrot prioritizes meetings between people, and meetings between musicians. At Folkrot music springs up that is not available anywhere else. There is room for everyone, children, young and old!

One weekend in July, recurring every second year, the folk festival offers ”buskspel”, crafts, fairy tales, enchanted forests, Icelandic horses, children’s corners, snack stalls, camping, dancing, late nights and joy.

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Folkrot Year Around

The Folkrot project wants to contribute to a more diverse choice of culture in rural areas by creating a cultural center in Simonstorp on Hallandsåsen where Scanian culture in music, dance and folklore is exercised and create new venues that can attract both rural and city dwellers to partake in Scanian folklore.

We want to organize evenings of playing, narratation, singing, singing game and dance at the course center. We want to plan for and begin construction of a fairytale world by Eva Wigströms books in the vicinity of Spelmansgården in Simonstorp. Among Scanian songs and stories, we want to bring fourth the geographical area northwest Skåne as a place well worth visiting.

The idea of ​​creating larger and more diverse activities at Spelmansgården has sprouted and blossomed into the concept of Folkrot. A physical meeting with appropriate conditions, where you could better predict costs and create permanent creative spaces. A place where you could work in a flexible way according to your ideas and spread the Scanian culture in an organized fashion.

This dream is now slowly becoming a reality as Spelmansgården HB plans independently to  build a concert hall combined with riding hall. Your welcome to visit us! Read more in Swedish

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Festival Volunteer 2019

Do you want to work at Folkrot as a volunteer? Please contact Frida Rosén Babarik


Folkrot Spelmansgården
Simontorpvägen 122
266 98 Hjärnarp

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